Riko Tachibana

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Riko Tachibana
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Riko Tachibana (立花 里子)
Birth Date: November 10, 1984
Birth Location: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 5feet 6inches(1.69m)
Measurements: 33(D Cup)-24-33(inch), 83-60-83(cm)

Riko Tachibana - Wikipedia

Riko Tachibana (立花 里子 Tachibana Riko, born November 10, 1984) is a popular and award-winning Japanese adult video idol (AV idol). Taller than average, Tachibana debuted in 2003 and starred in many adult videos which emphasized her height. An extremely prolific actress, Tachibana had performed in over 200 AVs when she was awarded for Most Appearances at Japan's Adult Broadcasting Awards in 2007. Tachibana retired in March 2008.

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